You Have A Message Worth Sharing

Captivate your clients in a story that sells.

Elevate Your Message

Are your people hearing the same message you’re trying to send? Streamline & realign to reach the clients who need you!

You started your business with a mission and vision to serve your clients like only you can.

You have a website, you have social media profiles, you share your business with the world but you get nothing in return.

You aren’t seeing the results you thought you’d see. Your business leads aren’t hot. Your following isn’t responsive to the messages you’re putting out. 

If this sounds like you, we’re eager to Elevate Your Message. 

We’re going to align your brand’s mission, vision, and values, combine it with your service or product offerings and create an exciting, engaging, and clear outline for how to show up in your business. 

We’re going to dive deep into who you are, why the brand is important, your dream client, the work you want to be doing. We’re going to marry these concepts and questions in a document that’ll train you on how to speak about your brand and how to speak for your brand.

This package includes: Messaging strategy, website layout and content suggestions, an engaging opt-in for your website, a captivating drip email series to nurture your followers, testimonial strategy, and social media guidelines, and more.

Three-Months of Messaging

It’s time to get REAL about the way you show up online.

Social media has completely changed the game for business owners.

You have a solid brand and want to connect with your following but you don’t have the time to write enlivening content for your newsletter, website, or social media profiles.

If you don’t have the time to write content across your platforms, you probably don’t have the time to spend on strategizing a month of content for your brand.

At Liz Illg Consulting, we don’t believe in sharing empty content. Every message you’re sending to your audience should mean something to them or to your business.

Here’s the awesome part about this package: All you need to do is join a meeting with Liz once a month!

From your call with Liz, each month you’ll get a social media strategy and calendar, attractive newsletter copy, social media post copy, and magnetic blog content for your website.

Promotional Video Scripts

Let’s get your message heard!

You have a vision worth sharing, and your message is sooo good.

Getting ready for your next appearance, hot seat, or promotional video? Don’t get all tripped up on the wording. We’ll do the work for you!

The Liz Illg team will take the time to understand your message and communicate it in an easy-to-follow video script.

Useful for social media marketing, promotional videos, short features, YouTube videos, Facebook Live, and mastermind appearances.

Let us worry about the words, so you can show up and shine.

You’re-the-Expert Course Creation

Guide your client base toward your brand with one-of-a-kind online courses.

You know things that other people are dying to know!

You want to take your clients to the next level by training them for the next challenge or event in their businesses but don’t have the time to plan, write, or design an online course.

We’re here to take your idea and bring it to life.

The beautiful thing about online courses is that they are beneficial to every industry.

Whether you want to share your tried and true marketing philosophy in a course or you want to train your clients on how to find their inner power, a course can do that for you.

All you have to do is show up for a one-time meeting with Liz, share your direction and goals, and we’ll knock out the content for your course.

We’re going to start with an outline, break your information down into modules and lessons, prepare you with video scripts, and content for the course taker’s assessments or homework.

Educate Your Audience with PR

Let’s get your brand in front of the people who can help it grow.

You have a story to share!

Liz Illg can help me with public relations? YES!

Whether you need a solid PR strategy for your next project launch or you want to share your business with local news stations or publications, we can write PR materials for you!

We write press releases, PR pitches, information packets, journal spotlight articles, and more!

Like most of our packages, we can always amp up messaging efforts!

Let us help you with finding lucrative connections in the media and provide you with direct contact information so you know exactly what to do with your material!

Professional Resume Refresh

Refresh your image for the modern job market, online and in-person!

Business owner or not, you have a brand.

Resumes and professional profiles have become modernized. Is your resume going to excel you in your career or hold you back from getting your dream job?

These days, getting a job takes more than having a killer resume, your LinkedIn profile should reflect your personality professionally and showcase your expertise.

We’ll create your resume for you with proven language to seal the deal on your next opportunity. We’re going to provide you with messaging to use on your LinkedIn profile and we’re going to train you on how to enhance your profile.

You’ll get a printable resume, a digital resume, and other valuable information to prepare you for your next interview.

Need something you don’t see here?

I’ll design a package just for you! Book a 20-minute complimentary discovery call.


Working with Liz has been the highlight of this year! I can’t say how grateful I am to have met her and her team. Before working with Liz, I felt stuck. I was going around and around searching online for help and trying to run my business on my own. Liz has helped me create a brand that I absolutely LOVE, clarify my messaging ,and communication with my clients. As a result, I now have clarity and confidence that I have something special to offer this world! She has been a JOY to work with since day one!

Katherine, Golden Tails Dog Walking, Florida

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