You Have A Message Worth Sharing

Captivate your clients in a story that sells.

Absolutely your go-to gal to simplify, organize & uplevel your business! Her sharp & strategic mind mixed with a heart of gold is just what every business owner needs!” – Melanie Haynes, Space Coast Pet Services

Elevate Your Message

Are your people hearing the same message you’re trying to send? Streamline & realign to reach the clients who need you!

You started your business with a mission and vision to serve your clients like only you can.

YOU have something to share with the world that no one else does!

But do your clients get it??

Or are they hearing a message that you didn’t even know you were sending??

If you’re ready to:

      • Engage your audience
      • Communicate your value
      • Organically expand your reach

It’s time to get intentional about the story you’re telling to your people!

It’s time to Elevate Your Message.

The Secret Sauce

Receive a clear, one-of-a-kind, all-inclusive strategy for transforming your brand’s message!

Join Liz for a sixty-minute planning call to share your vision.

Brand Outline & Implementation Guide

Recommended web copy and layout suggestions

Eye-catching free download for your brand’s website

An automated drip email campaign to engage clients

Processes for generating testimonials and referrals

Social media guidelines to align your online presence

You have a message that your audience needs to hear!

Let’s make sure you’re telling it. Book your complimentary discovery call to get started. 

Psst… if you’re the kind of person who thrives on one-on-one strategy and you LOVE this package, you might like Brand Message Consulting.

Three-Months of Messaging

It’s time to get REAL about the way you show up online.

Social media has completely changed the game for business owners.

It offers an opportunity to create the organic relationships that lead to new business.

All YOU have to do is establish a consistent, captivating, and valuable online presence.

On the flip side, business owners who DON’T do this end up falling behind.

In today’s fast paced world, engaging social media content is a MUST.

If you struggle with…

  • What to post
  • When to post it
  • Simply finding the time

Let’s change that.

Receive three months of social media content tailored to YOU and your clients, ready to post at the top of each month.

The Secret Sauce

Delivered to you each month with love from the Liz Illg Team.

• An email newsletter to share with your audience.

• 8+ one-of-a-kind social media posts for your favorite platforms.

• 2+ industry specific blog posts written to captivate & inform.

• 20+ visually engaging Instagram and Facebook story posts.

Social media has never been easier!

1. Tell us what’s new in your business.
2. Receive your messaging straight to your inbox.
3. Schedule to post!

It’s literally that simple!

Let’s get real about your brand’s presence online.

Brand Message Consulting

Let’s get your message heard!

You have a vision worth sharing, and your message is sooo good.

Even so, it can be HARD to share your message with the world (especially with everything on your to-do list.)

Enlist the help of your personal Type-A squad, so you can share your message, without adding one single extra task to your list.

The Liz Illg Team is ready to work for you.

The Secret Sauce

• Three months of one-on-one hour-long work sessions with Liz.

• Access to Liz all day long via the Marco Polo app.

• Monthly updates to adjust and realign your brand’s message.

• Screen share sessions to get live feedback on your website and social media.

• Advice and action on giveaways, content, web copy, and public relations.

Sharing your message can be easy.

It all starts with a complimentary discovery call. What are you waiting for?

You’re-the-Expert Course Creation

Guide your client base toward your brand with one-of-a-kind online courses.

You know things that other people are dying to know!

Instead of keeping all that business-savvy inside, why not make passive income and become an industry-expert with an online course?

But Liz,

Creating an online course is a lot of work!

Not anymore!

The Liz Illg Team will do the hard work for you, so all you have to do is upload your course materials and go live with the launch!

The Secret Sauce

One 90-minute dynamic planning call with Liz to gather information.

Receive all the content you’d ever need for your one-of-a-kind online course (up to 12 modules!)

Four lessons per module

One page of content per lesson

One worksheet or video script per lesson

Eye-catching worksheet designs

End of module assessments

We’ll even create copy to feature your course on your website!

Your people are waiting to know what you know! 

Let’s create your online course, together.

Share Your Message PR Package

Let’s get your brand in front of the people who can help it grow.

You have a story to share!

Let’s find the people who are waiting to hear it!

Get in front of your audience and expand your reach. Just tell us your story. We’ll handle the hard part!

The Secret Sauce

 A 30 minute planning call with Liz to get your story on paper

 One-of-a-kind press release to share your story with local media

 3-5 PR pitches hand written and tailored to people you admire

 Fillable spreadsheet to track your business-to-business connections

Book your call today, and let’s start sharing your story!

Professional Resume Refresh

Refresh your image for the modern job market, online and in-person!

Business owner or not, you have a brand.

(Hint: It’s YOU!)

Start showing up in the job market with a personal brand that sells.

Simply share your experience and goals for the process, and we’ll do all the heaving lifting!

The Secret Sauce

Edit and revise existing resume OR start from scratch

Resume tailored to beat Applicant Tracking Software

Eye-catching resume to stand out in-person

Recommended content for your LinkedIn Profile

Additional Resume Services

One-of-a-kind fillable cover letter to showcase your voice

Personalized letter of recommendation from Liz Illg

Give Liz a call, and let’s get started!

Psst… we do Linkedin refreshes for business owners too! Just ask!

Need something you don’t see here?

I’ll design a package just for you! Book a 20-minute complimentary discovery call.

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