Clear, Consistent Systems that Work for You

Empower your team with policies and procedures that make sense!

Employees aren’t confused and we feel way more organized knowing what was in our head is now in an operations manual. Now, the business can be properly managed.” –Heidi Koffman, Co-owner Craft Night

SOPs That Work!

Let clear and accessible Standard Operating Procedures do the work for you, so you can work on growing your business.

What are Standard Operating Procedures?

Picture this. Your business role model (you know the one!) calls you up and invites you on a free two-week business retreat. Only here’s the catch! Your flight leaves tomorrow.

Could your business run without you??

Life throws unexpected surprises at us all the time (and they’re not all optional!)

What if you could step back, feeling 100% confident that your team has everything they need to run things without you?

That’s what Standard Operating Procedures are for!

The Secret Sauce

Put these all together for SOPs that work for your brand! 

The 2-hour power planning session of your dreams, with Liz!

One-of-a-kind SOPs written to work for YOUR business. 

Visual representations of your processes, tailored to your brand.

All content uploaded to a private Google Site, so your team can easily find the information they need, anytime, anywhere.

    You may be thinking…

    But I already have SOPs, and they don’t work!

    SOPs fail for three reasons: lack of clarity, detail, or accessibility. Let’s review your current SOPs together, and we’ll get them working for you!

    I couldn’t possibly break down everything in my business.

    I specialize in getting ideas out of your head and into “real life!” I promise, our two-hour discovery call will be exactly what you never knew you always needed.

    What if I need to make changes later?

    Once your Standard Operating Procedures are published on Google Sites, they are a living document! You’ll be able to log in and make changes as your business grows.

    It’s free and easy to book a discovery call with Liz. What are you waiting for? Let’s get these SOPs to work for you!

    Tools for Success: Roles & Checklists

    Empower your people with clearly defined roles and checklists that trigger action.

    It’s time to empower your team members.

    At Liz Illg Consulting, we believe… 

    99% of team member mistakes come from miscommunications.

    When bosses have to micromanage, no one wins. 

    Team members can be empowered to manage themselves.

    If you’re ready to step back, restructure, and get your team back on track, we have the tools you need to succeed! 

    It’s time to empower your team members with clear expectations. 

    Redefine your roles and create clear checklists that trigger action! 

    The Secret Sauce

    Liz guides you through a dynamic planning call, where you’ll get crystal clear on what everyone on your team should be doing! 

    Receive clearly defined roles and responsibilities + time oriented checklists that trigger action. 

    We’ll represent your checklists visually or recommend software that can make your checklists interactive.

    Are you ready for your people to succeed in their roles without your direct oversight? 

    I thought so. 

    Dream Team Hiring & Training Guide

    Struggling to find qualified people who will stick around for your brand? Let’s make a plan to land your dream team.

    When your team is empowered, your whole brand thrives.

    But it takes a clear, consistent approach to build the team of your dreams. 

    Signs it’s time to streamline your hiring and training process:

    Turn over rates are high

    The wrong people (or no people) are applying

    You keep getting ghosted at interviews

    Your new hires struggle to follow procedures at work

    Your business suffers from higher-than-normal turnover rates

    What is a Hiring and Training Guide?

    Your Dream Team Hiring and Training Guide helps you get crystal clear about the right kind of person to add to your team. Then, it details step-by-step processes for recruiting, hiring, and training that person, from day one to their last day of work. 

    Create an experience that engages and empowers your new team member to become involved in your brand’s mission and stick around for a long time.

    The Secret Sauce

    Join Liz for a power-planning session where you’ll share your hiring goals and vision for your team. 

    The Liz Illg Team creates everything you’ll need to hire and train your dream team. 

    A profile of the ideal candidate to align your recruitment efforts

    Step by step guide for hiring, onboarding, and training.

    Clear, consistent training outline for every day of training.

    Ongoing monthly training topics for your team.

    A clear process for ending an employment relationship.

    Visual representations of this material, tailored to your brand.

    All content uploaded to a private Google Site, so you can access it anytime, anywhere.


      Your dream hire is waiting to join your company! Let’s get them onboard.

      Simply book your complimentary discovery call to get started.

      Unstick My Workflow

      We focus in on that one process that keeps getting stuck so the whole system can flow.

      It’s time to fix the process that’s driving you crazy.

      You know the one.

      The one that’s always tangled up in emails, phone calls, and inevitably a whole bunch of lost time.

      It doesn’t have to be that way!

      Your workflow is stuck. Let’s unstick it!

      What You’ll Receive

      Liz helps you dive deep into your process and fix what’s not working.

      Receive procedures that detail your new process, step-by-step.

      We’ll represent your new process in a visual workflow, so you can literally see how it works. 

      You don’t have time to lose on stuck processes. (And the boss life shouldn’t be so frustrating!)

      Untangling that workflow is as easy as booking a free discovery call.

      New Employee Manual

      Invite your new hires into your brand’s message with a one-of-a-kind manual.

      Every business is different. Training manuals should be different too!

      Don’t invite your new employee into just-any-business-in-your-industry.

      Invite them into YOUR business with a New Employee Manual that’s as one-of-a-kind as your brand.

      The Secret Sauce

      Liz joins you for a two hour planning call where you share everything there is to know about your brand.

      You receive a one-of-a-kind training manual that includes:

      Role descriptions and chain of command.

      Employment policies, rules, and regulations for your brand.

      In depth information related to the tasks and services employees will be asked to perform.

      All content uploaded to the training platform of your choice!

      They’re your team. Train them your way.

      Psst… If you’re interested in this package, you might want our Dream Team Hiring and Training Guide too!

      Systems Strategy with Liz

      Work closely with Liz Illg to strategize new systems that simplify your business.

      The boss life is awesome, but it’s not always easy.

      When it comes to business-changing decisions like overhauling your current systems, you don’t have to go it alone!

      You deserve a friend and guide who knows your business and wants to see you succeed!

      Ready to make a big change to the way you do business?

      Just think of Liz as your super-savvy Type A squad!

      We’ll get your new systems in place in no time.

      What You’ll Receive

      3-months of systems strategy with Liz! Join her for monthly Zoom calls and communicate daily via Marco Polo.

      Complete, living SOPs that work for your brand’s new systems. 

      Your new processes are visually represented and tailored to your brand.

      Liz works with you and your team to implement your systems.

      Just because you’re the boss, doesn’t mean you have to go it alone!

      Whether you’re growing your business, scaling your business, or overhauling the way you do business, Liz Illg is on your team.

      Simply book a complimentary discovery call to get a Type-A Squad on your side.

      Need something you don’t see here?

      I’ll design a package just for you! Book a 20-minute complimentary discovery call.

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