Six Months to a
Better Business

Get ONE STEP AHEAD with Liz!

Liz Illg is best known for her ability to take an idea and hit the ground running with one-of-a-kind tools to bring it to life.

Whether it’s an operating manual, a business plan, a month’s worth of social media content, or a slide deck for your next big pitch… if you have the idea, Liz and her team have the tools to make it happen.

Liz comes about it honestly. 

In 2013, she quit her “sure-thing” career in corporate America to pursue her dream of becoming an entrepreneur. 

She bought her first business the next day. 

What started out as a non-descript pet grooming spa in uptown Phoenix quickly grew into five storefronts.

Despite having five brick-and-mortar locations to oversee, Liz found herself with… well… a lot of extra time on her hands. 

And it’s all because she created the tools to find success, strike a balance, and always stay one step ahead. 

Liz firmly believes that every business owner can achieve the results they are looking for in their brands and in their lives. 

It is fully possible to have two thriving companies, five brick and mortar store fronts, a side hobby teaching yoga, a house full of dogs, a backyard garden, AND time to sit in the sauna. 

You just have to always know the next step. 

Liz is going to get you there.

Welcome to the One Step Ahead Membership

A six month blueprint of EXACTLY how to have a better business.

What It Includes

We’ll start with an individualized Strategy Session to get a clear understanding of your content goals and each month, you’ll send in the highlights of your business and we’ll curate custom content for you.

You’ll be able to select an item each month from our content menu of blogs, newsletters, client experience strategy, and even graphics creation for your social feed!

This is a $400 Value
Made do-able and affordable
at $179/month

Want to know more about the membership?

In order to stay One Step Ahead, you HAVE to know where you’re headed!

This semester, we’re offering a high-level Strategy Planning Session with Liz and her creative consultant. Together, we’ll zero-in on your business goals, get them in writing, and make a PLAN to get you there.

After the call, you’ll receive a six-month road map, so that you know what steps we need to take to push your business forward.

Then, we’ll hold you ACCOUNTABLE. We’ll ping you on our communication tool, Slack, create written materials each month to move you closer to your end goal, and work by your side to make sure you ALWAYS stay one step ahead!

How We Can Help YOU Get One Step Ahead!

Revisions not included in OSA Deliverables

Grow Your Reach

1 Press Release + 5 Media Connections

30-50 Hashtags to Use for Your Business

30-Day Social Media Content Calendar with Prompts to Post

3 PR Pitch Emails + 5 Media Connections

4 Drip Emails (Upload & Automation)

4 Drip Emails (Writing)

4 Facebook or Instagram Live Outlines

4 Graphic Designed IG Highlight Covers

4 Graphics for Instagram Feed

4 Video Scripts for IGTV

5 Mission Statement & Tagline Ideas

6 Prompts for IG Reels

9 Social Media Posts Optimized for Facebook or Instagram 

Business Card Design

Client Newsletter 

Client Testimonial Request Email 

Evergreen Instagram Story Graphics to Promote Your Business

Facebook Group Set-up Guide

Lead Magnet Opt-in (Design)

Lead Magnet Opt-in (Writing)

Linkedin & Facebook Background Banners

Linkedin or Instagram Outreach Templates for New Connections

Logo Design

Personal Brand Guide (Colors, Fonts, and Vibe) 

Promotional Flyer or Brochure (Design) 

Promotional Flyer or Brochure (Writing)

Social Media Enhancement: Bios & Strategy for Your Choice of Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, TikTok, or Pinterest

Social Media Giveaway Bundle (1 Announcement Post, 1 Winner Post, 1 Newsletter)

VA Service to Schedule Your Pre-Written Social Media Posts 

VA Service to Set Up Your Facebook Group (Up to 2 hours of work) 

Webinar Outline & Launch Strategy

Scale Your Business

Automated Service Emails for Client Journey (Upload & Automation – Up to 4) 

Automated Service Emails for Client Journey (Writing – Up to 4) 

Business Policy Writing: Your Choice of Policy (Time-Off, Disciplinary, Social Media, Client Communication, Dress Code, Non-Compete, Non-Disclosure, Cancellation, Refund, Client Agreement, Service Contract)

Business Procedure Writing: Your Choice of Procedures (Standard Visit Procedure, Time-Tracking Protocol, Invoicing Procedure, Hiring, Team Onboarding, Training, Client Onboarding, Client Communication, Social Media, Business-to-Business Networking)

Canned Team Communications: Your Choice (Offer Letter, Termination Letter, Written Warning Form, Performance Evaluation) 

Membership Package Bundle (4 Membership Tiers + Copy for Your Sales Page)

New Client Welcome Packet (Design) 

New Client Welcome Packet (Writing) 

New Service Offer: Sales Page Website Copy 

New Service Offer: Strategy & Outline of Service

Online Mini-Course: 4 Video Outlines

Online Mini-Course: Research and Report on Course Hosting Software 

Online Mini-Course Launch Strategy

Online Mini-Course Outline (Scripts & Worksheets not Included)

Research and Report on CRM Software for Your Business

Team Meeting Outline 

Team Newsletter

Team Roles & Chain of Command Build-out and Optimization 

Team Training Outline 

VA Service to Organize your Gmail Account for Inbox 0

VA Service to Set Up Slack for Your Team

VA Service to Set Up Toggle or Time Station for Your Team 

VA Service to Set Up Trello (up to 4 boards)

Workflow Graphic (Design)

The Fine Print

How This Membership Works

This is a six month program, which will be billed monthly on the day you first signed up. Your membership fee will be automatically charged to the card on file for the duration of the program. 

You will be invited to join an exclusive Facebook Group, where you’ll access members-only training all month long. If you need assistance navigating the group, just ask! We are happy to help.

You are invited to schedule your monthly consultation call with Liz at your convenience. Your membership deliverable will be delivered to your email inbox within 5-10 days of your call. 

Membership deliverables are created to help you implement the month’s theme in your business. There will be no substitution of services. 

Cancellation Policy

You can cancel your subscription anytime by emailing

Please contact us 15 days before your next billing period to avoid your monthly charge. If the charge goes through for that month, your subscription will be canceled the following month.

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